Madre y Niño

This month, we celebrate Women's Month to give honour to all the women in our life. They may be our workmates, our friends, our teachers, our sisters or even our Mother. Women in general are the heart of the society. They provide compassion, love and care for us. This celebration also aims to campaign against violence to women and children and gender equality.

I created this artwork, "Madre y Niño", especially for our Mayor, Ma'am Beng, who asked me to make an artwork for her which she will give as gifts for her special visitors. This artwork maybe interpreted in different ways but the central message is the love and care of a mother to her child. Personally, I see this work in my relationship between me and my mama. She truly is a super mom to me who did everything to provide for us four siblings. She is the light that guides us which made us who we are today. And I am forever grateful that I have her in my life.

In my 2 years in public service, I see Ma'am Beng as our mother and our leader in this city. The Zamboangueños especially the children is her first priority. That's why she really made Build Back Better Zamboanga possible after the famous siege. In her three years as the mayor, we really felt the development in the city despite the struggles and difficulties.

This artwork is also an ode to the Zamboanga culture. The city's patroness is La Virgen del Pilar which was introduced to Zamboanga by the Spaniards during the construction of the Fort "Real Fuerza de San Jose". The city celebrates the "Fiesta Pilar" or Zamboanga Hermosa Festival in her honor during October. The image of La Virgen del Pilar depicts Mary with the child Jesus in her left arm who has a dove sitting on his left palm. I really like the symbolism of the dove. According to religious studies, the dove represents the Holy Spirit. Universally, it represents peace, which us Zamboangueños long for.

Happy Women's month to everyone!

79th Dia dela Ciudad de Zamboanga

79th Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga
Calendar of Activities

February 4, Thursday
12th National Dental Health Month

February 9, Tuesday
Dia de Sen. Roseller T. Lim

February 21, Sunday, 5PM
Zumba Corazon
Centro Pastoral Convention Center

February 24, Wednesday, 1PM
City-Wide Open Cheerdance Competition
Drum and Lyre Competition (High School Level)
Vitaliano Agan Coliseum

February 25, Thursday, 7PM
Achievers' Night
Centro Latino

February 26, Friday, 5:30AM
WMSU College of Law: PaLAWro 2016 Fun Run
CityMall Tetuan to WMSU

February 26, Friday, 3PM
Grand Civic-Military Parade
79th Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga Main Program
Fire Station to Paseo del Mar

February 26-28, Friday-Sunday
Zamboanga Open Invitational Bowling Tournament
Tebi and Sean Recreational Center

February 26, Friday, 6PM
Globe Alegria na Zamboanga
Paseo del Mar

February 28, Sunday, 1PM
Juicy Cologne Inter-school Dance Competition
WMSU Gymnasium

February 28, Sunday
100th Birth Anniversary of Mayor Cesar C. Climaco

February 29, Monday, 8AM
Speak Out Zamboanga Forum: 
5th Cesar Climaco Young Leaders Assembly
Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar

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Before I end 2015 I wanted to create a personal art which is inspired by my experience in Manila during the Philippine Visual Art Festival #PVAF2015. I had a great time meeting artists from the different regions, learning from them and the masters of visual art in the country. My favorite experience is visiting Angono Rizal, the Art Capital of the Philippines, where we got to visit a street gallery, the house and studio of national Artist Carlos Francisco, and get to dine and talk with their local artists at the artisan restaurant / gallery of Nemi Miranda.

What struck me is their deep connection with their roots. Their history and culture inspired their works which made me learn a lot about their place and their people. I also learned during our conversations that art doesn't have to be a painting. We in the regions doesn't have that direct access to fine art materials but we have our own unique materials to work upon. This only validated me as an artist. I have always been intimidated by the works of these great artists and sometimes I feel less of an artist with my lack of art education and skills such as realistic drawing, painting and sculpture. But with my experience in PVAF, I appreciated my uniqueness and my identity as an artist.

I identify myself as a multimedia artists and for me, my best work involves technology such as Digital Art, Illustration, Graphic design and Animation. I am a Filipino, a Mindanaoan, a proud Zamboangueño. My home is a beautiful place, rich with a blend of different cultures and various historical and natural heritage. All of which can be a source of inspiration to create an artwork. It only takes your imagination and a medium to make a masterpiece.

For my last artwork of 2015, I went deeper to my roots and was inspired by the early inhabitants of Zamboanga, the Subanens. I googled for images and drew inspiration from their patterns and visual culture. About 2 years ago, I also had the chance to experience their culture first-hand during the boklug festival at Siocon when we were invited to produce a documentary for a mining company. The buklog is a tall structure made of wood constructed by the people in the community. It resembles a trampoline that produces a loud sound when the people jump together to make the wooden pole at the center touch the log on the ground. Its loud sound can be heard from miles away and people gather there for merry making.

My work focuses on an imaginary paradise inspired by the Subanen culture. A character discovers the post-apocalypitc land of Jambangan where flowers had bloomed once again. The seven rivers which flowed from the seven mountains nurture its fertile land. At the center is an abandoned temple or monument left by the community of native people. On top of the seven stones is the flag of the Subanen. The title "Glunow" which means green in Subanen language, represents the re-blossoming of the land.

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Pascua Na Zamboanga 2015

The City Government of Zamboanga presents Pascua na Zamboanga 2015. Every year, the city celebrates the yultide season with a lineup of fun-filled activities. The highlight of the Christmas Festival is the switching on of the City Hall as it transforms into a grand display of lights. This year the city is transformed into candyland, and the main attraction includes the City Hall as a gingerbread house, Plaza Pershing as a lollipop forest and Paseo del Mar with the giant ice cream cone Christmas Tree. All landmarks will be ceremonially switched on in December 1st, 5PM.

Every evening, chorale groups will be serenading us with Christmas carols at the City Hall lobby during the "Canciones de Pascua" from December 14 to 18, 7PM onwards. Shop until you drop at the Grand Christmas Bazaar at Paseo del Mar on December 6-12, and at the Grand 5-day Holiday Fiesta at City Mall Tetuan. It is also expected that the newest and biggest mall in Zamboanga, KCC Mall de Zamboanga, will be opening in December. Here's the poster for Pascua na Zamboanga 2015.

Summer Na Zamboanga 2015

It's summer time in Zamboanga! The City Government has lined up exciting activities to pump up the heat of the summer days. Dance, music, games, and party awaits you as we celebrate #SummerNaZambo2015. "Feel the Heat. Dance to the Beat" is the slogan for the summer fest, which includes fun activities like the Juego de Antes, Kite Festival, Hiphop Dance Competition, and the Danza Verano. Check out the full list of activities below.

For the guidelines and entry forms, visit and like, Zoom In Zamboanga facebook page.

Design by csz97

78th Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga Poster

February 26, 2015 marks the 78th Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga. The City Goverment, headed by Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, prepared a lineup of activities to celebrate our 78th year as a chartered city. The main highlight will be the grand civic military parade to be followed by the commemorative program on Feb. 26 and the conferment of awards to Local Achievers on February 25 covering various fields of endeavours.

The different City Government sponsored activities are the Drum and Lyre competition (secondary level) and the city–wide cheer dance competition on February 20 at 1pm at the City Coliseum; the Zamboanga Film Festival (Free Public Screening), on February 23-25 at the Cinematheque Zamboanga. The Awards Night will be on Feb. 25 at the Centro Latino.

Other activities organized by the City Government include the Grandiosa Venta de Mercado from Feb. 19-26 at the Plaza del Pilar and the Kasalang Bayan on Feb. 27 at the City Hall lobby. Here is the poster design and full schedule for #DiadeZamboanga.

The poster design features a typographic illustration of the word ZAMBOANGA. Each represents some elements that make up the city. Z shows the logo of Zoom In Zamboanga, the campaign we launched way back in 2013. The green represent the field where a football player is playing. This is one of the sports during the Juego na Dia de Zamboanga. A takes the shape of the City Hall, the symbolic landmark of our city, built in 1905. A couple stands in front of it symbolizing the Kasalang Bayan which is a mass wedding for its employees.

M resembles the arches in the entrance of Paseo del Mar, a popular destination for locals and tourist to witness the beautiful sunset and dine at the restaurant and bars. There is also a huge dancing fountain found in the middle of Paseo. B looks like a film camera symbolizing the Zamboanga Film Festival, which for the first time will be hosted by the City Government. The upper arch of B shows an archer with a bow an arrow symbolizing yet another sport in Juego na Dia de Zamboanga.

In the middle is the official seal of the city in a circular shape. The second A shows a hand holding the version of Halo-halo famous in Zamboanga, the Knicker Bocker. There are also scales which is inspired by the Dragon since Chinese New Year is also part of the celebration. N shows the drum and lyre which is one of the competitions. The middle stroke is in a form of a Vinta, a symbol of Zamboanga. The last stroke is inspired by the heritage lamps that can be seen in many landmarks in the city.

A cheerleader with one arm on her waist and the other up in the air forms G. The lower stroke resembles the sea and the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard with the heritage lamps, too. The cheerleader with vibrant energy shows the optimism of the Zamboangueños, and it's one of the competitions that is highly anticipated durin Dia de Zamboanga. And finally, the last letter, A, is in a form of a teepee, which is found at Pasonanca Park. Trees are also seen behind, which is a symbol of nature that we truly treasure here in the city.

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Engine of Perpetual Motion is featured in GM Book 2015

Graphika Manila is on its 10 year and to celebrate this milestone, they doubled the days and number of speakers to inspire the design community with their incredible works. Among favorite speakers were Leeroy New, Nick Automatic, Machineast, Walt Disney, and Joshua Davis. The two-day conference also included a compilation of artworks submitted by artists called the Graphika Manila Book or GM Book. My works were featured in the 2012 and 2013 editions and once again this year one of my artworks did it again. "Machine of Perpetual Motion" was created in 2012 for the Animahenasyon 2013 Poster design contest. I did not win but I still received a lot of positive feedback and it was even selected one of the daily feature in This steampunk inspired piece shows the fun and colorful world of animation from conceptualization to display. I had a lot of fun during Graphika 2015 and for sure i'll go agian next year!